EGR Cleaning in Banbury

£149.99 inc VAT.

£149.99 inc VAT. Book your vehicle in on 01295 254908

We offer a fast and cost effective EGR cleaning service which will restore performance and power to your vehicle and bring your emissions back within a safe range. Cleaning the EGR valve in your vehicle should be part of routine maintenance, just like replacing a cambelt or changing an oil filter.

Most manufacturers recommend getting your EGR valve assessed and cleaned around every 50,000 miles. Benefits of regular EGR cleaning include:

  • Restore vehicle power + performance
  • Restore fuel efficiency giving you more MPG
  • Save you money on potential expensive repairs
  • Prevent engine component failures

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What is EGR Cleaning?

The main function of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, or EGR valve as it’s generally known, is to recirculate spent exhaust gas back to an engine’s air intake. The EGR valve is controlled by the vehicle’s central computer and is designed to reduce the amount of NOx emissions in the engine and in turn, the amount of overall pollution the vehicle produces.

The EGR valve helps reduce the combustion temperature, resulting in improved engine performance. However, the valve has a tendency to get clogged due to the unburnt gases that pass through it. A faulty EGR valve can become stuck in an open position, which will further increase the amount of particulates causing the DPF to become clogged quicker than usual.  It will also causes a rough idle and a heavy knocking and pinking sound which is associated with pre-detonation.

Other signs you may have a blocked valve include:

  • Experiencing loss of power and performance
  • A decrease in fuel efficiency
  • Engine light is on
  • Declining technical control
  • Vehicle is running at lower speeds
  • Black emissions
  • Failed MOT emissions test

If you have any questions about our EGR cleaning service or would like to discuss this in more detail why not give us a call today. We can offer free, no obligation quotes and advice on this and our other specialist services.

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